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HBTS 40(25)×8(13)×45(55)D
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HBTS 40(25)×8(13)×45(55)D

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Application of Fine Stone and Mortar Pump:

 1、Large-area and efficient construction of fine concrete filled layer or mortar filled layer in ground heating projects.
 2、Transport of fine concrete or mortar in construction works, tunnels and mines.
3、After being equipped with jet accessories, it can be used as mortar jet pump to jet and spray concrete, mortar, refractory and greening soil.

1、Double-pump double-circuit or single-pump double-circuit hydraulic system is available for customers, with small impact and high reliability.
2、By adopting the advanced main pump and valve group, the hydraulic system features are of high pressure, high efficiency and stable operation.
3、The featured S-pipe distribution valve contributes to automatic compensation of abrasion gap and good sealing performance.
4、Wear-resistant hard alloy wear plate and cutting ring have long lifespan.
5、Low-speed large torque stirring motor is reliable in work, and the advanced hydraulic oil air-cooling heat dissipation system is convenient to use.
6、Automatic concentrated lubrication system can ensure machine under effective lubrication in operation.
7、Its main appliance components are from Schneider, Mitsubishi and other famous brands; PLC programmable controller, remote controller and panel operation are available for ensuring safety and reliable use.
8、It can be connected onto φ 125 pipeline for pumping concrete or reducing φ 80 for mortar and small aggregate and fine concrete, meeting customer demands, improving use efficiency, and fulfilling more applications.

Main Technical Data: 

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