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HG Series of Manual Placing Boom
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HG Series of Manual Placing Boom

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Introduction to HG Series of Manual Placing Boom:

HG series of manual placing boom has wide application in concrete pumping occasions, it is suitable for pumping auxiliary work of concrete casting in bridges, highroads, high-rises and dams, and can effectively enlarge the once construction range, reduce labor intensity and pipe placing time in concrete pumping, and improve operation benefit.

In the quick separate combined and detached design, it is especially suitable for small-size tower crane to finish installation or transfer equipment due to reasonable design, convenience and simple use and maintenance. At the same time, users can arrange construction sites according to actual condition, and it can be easily rotated by the manual rotary dragging mechanism in construction, and also can drive the whole of upper mechanism to rotate 360 degrees depending on its reasonable balance design. Therefore, its covering area is large, and the largest radius is 15m. On this basis, it can be designed for variable elevation use as customer required, suitable for casting of cylinderical bodies such as principle posts (i.e. occasions are higher than conventional construction faces and unavailable in placing boom).

Because of convenient use and wide adaptation, it is easy to achieve use of self-lifting distributor with low investment, and the machine is one of effective time-saving and cost-saving matching products in concrete pumping technology.


I. Arm rest of equipment in the form of two-section horizontal folding is reasonable in balance and able to rotate the whole upper mechanism 360 degrees.

II. It has good stability to achieve separate combination and detachment quickly, as well as light self weight and convenient movement, can be entirely or separately moved by tower crane regarding different casting places and construction radius, and achieves overall placing once connecting onto pipelines.

III. Its flexible and convenient installment makes it operable no matter on towers, scaffolds and any platform.

V. In periodical lubrication, it is only necessary to mix common grease and 10# machine oil in the proportion of 5:2 and drip it on contact faces of rotary branch bearings with vertical pipes.

Main Technical Data:



The balance weight materials (such as yellow sand and stone) required by the product should be prepared by users, according to different installation and use conditions and construction sites, users shall prepare hawser cable, support legs and foundation bolts to ensure firm and reliable installation of equipment for safe use.


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