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Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

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Introduction to Truck-mounted Concrete Pump:

   It integrates the advantages of trailer pump and pump truck, it is more flexible and maneuverable than the trailer pump, is free from transport, load and unload and installation, has high equipment utilization, stronger pumping performance and faster pumping speed, and enjoys smaller occupied space, low price, high pumping height, long distance and low maintenance cost compared with the pump truck.

 1、Dongfeng or Auman chassis is well known with mature and reliable operation, strong power, excellent performance and good economy.
 2、The oil pump set makes use of constant power technology to match with the engine; therefore, the power distribution is reasonable. Its manual stepless speed regulation is able to achieve adjustment of concrete pumping quantity.
 3、Hydraulic system components such as oil pump, valve group and the like are from Rexroth, with strong stability, reasonable layout and convenient operation and maintenance.
 4、Its main power system shares stable and reliable performance and good fuel economy by adopting CAT or Deutz diesel engines.
 5、The large-diameter conveying cylinder has good material absorption and large pumping displacement, as well as functions of positive pumping, reversed pumping and inching.
 6、The cooperative work of S-shaped change valve, hard alloy wear plate, cutting ring and rubber springs can automatically compensate end face gaps and ensure better sealing property.
 7、Its forward and reversed mixing function can solve blocking of aggregate timely.
 8、It is equipped with air-cooling large heat dissipation device to ensure hydraulic system of main machine under normal state, and is especially suitable for environment lacking of water or extremely cold.
 9、It owns intelligent integration control system and good man-machine interface, and key appliance components from Schneider, Omron and other famous brands. PLC programmable control electric system, text display for operating parameters, and a plurality of automatic protection functions bestow the system with the most compact structure, the most convenient adjustment and more reliable work.
 10、All operations are achieved by near control and wired remote control, by two independent operation devices of wired remote control and control boxes, the operations are easier, the long-distance operation is convenient, which can be kept reliable and safe.

   Main Technical Data:

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