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In 2012, bearing market was vast, high iron or into new opportunities

In 2012, bearing market was vast, high iron or into new opportunities

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It is reported that bearing export reached to 41.5 billion sets in 2010, 5365% would increase year-on-year, 289% higher than that of in 2008; foreign exchange earning would reach to 33.2 billion US dollars, increase up about 636%, 114% higher than that of in 2008.

Relevant industry person said that exporting increase substantially mainly due to our country’s bearing industry has gone through growth in recent years, the level of craft and quality about small-sized bearing has already closed to the international level, it has owned steady market among small-sized bearing market around the world.

With the mobilization of sharply demanding small-sized bearing,the output of the all industry and the growth of profit in 2010 were all close to 40%, the high iron bearing and big aircraft bearing would be carried out by the unity of the latest research. Now, including the listed company, the local enterprises produce most of small and medium-sized bearing, the production of large and medium-sized bearing is less than 3%. High iron market will turn into industry growth.

According to the “permanent railway network plan (adjusted in 2008)”, in 2012 42 high iron special passenger line will be built, the total mileage will be over 130,000 km; and the mileage of high speed railway in China will reach to 180,000 kilometers in 2020.

In 2011, the market turbulence of automobiles, farm machinery and household appliances would have influence on the growth rate of bearing industry, and at the same time, along with the rise of RMB exchange rate, the competitiveness of popular bearing and the middle-end bearing would be further weakened, therefore, in 2011 the rate of growth of bearing industry would slow down. But more of the long view of the time span, under the mobilization of high iron industry, the growth prospect of the bearing industry will be very considerable.

The insiders think that according to the development rate, if everything is well, the domestic high iron bearing is expected to achieve complete set during the future two to three years. Compared to the result about 40% in 2010, Chinese bearing industry association would come down the growth of the bearing industry in 2011. Analysts think it means that the Chinese high iron bearing market will outmatch 2 billion yuan in the future three years, the future of the entrance to replace the space will be enormous. If growth to be continued success, high iron bearing will take over the standard of small-sized bearing, and become strong power of the future increased industry.

Auto to the countryside mobilizes the bearing sells like hot cakes.

In January 2011, shaft science and technology research confirmed that Chinese bearing industry association has been setted by the company as a leading unit to carry out research and development about high-speed railway bearing in bearing industry. According to the association, organizing and promoting the research and development of high iron bearing would be one of cores of association in 2011. Although the final statistics has not yet come, the previous data showed that the main business income of bearing industry in 2010 would be exceeding one hundred billion yuan, up to 120 billion yuan, the growth will reach to 30%. Under mobilization of automobile, farm machinery and household appliance industry, demand for small-sized bearing in 2010 increased sharply, it’s expected that the whole year’s yield of bearing could reach 15 billion sets, Year-on-year increase of 3636%. By contrast, it can be expected to achieve total profit of 6.5 billion yuan, with an increase of 383% compared to last year.


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