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Ten years' Huatong

Ten years' Huatong

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From its inception in 2001, Zhangjiagang Huatong Construction Machinery Co., LTD has been holding the concept of "Character by quality, quality for development", in the fierce marketing competition has always dominated the leading status. Most factories which produce concrete pumps have went bankrupt during financial crisis in 2008, but our company doesn't practise fraud even in the tough conditions, and still has been seeking for creating the best quality products for customers. On 8th December 2010, our company builded up a subsidiary company, that is Suzhou Tongqiu Huatong Construction Machinery Sales Co., LTD. Different from the original company, it can sale large building equipment such as automobile, construction machinery, hoisting equipment, lifting equipment and so on. Along the way, although hard, we have always been able to win customers' affirmation, and that's what we have to pursue. In the past dozen years, the National Bureau of Quality Inspection, Jiangsu Bureau of Quality Investigation, Chinese Quality Certification Center, Zhangjiagang People's Government and other administrative authorities all have awarded medals for our company. We are always not arrogant or longitudinal, and sticking to the original concept. We firmly believe that with the concept and the persistence, Huatong will become higher and farther, and make greater contributions to the society!

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Address:No. 6 Jiaotong Road, Deji Sub-district, Jingang Town, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, China
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