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GM’s Speech

GM’s Speech

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  “Quality by Character, Development by Quality” is the developmental theme of our company. Advanced technology and management are the foundation what make our company’s development strong.When advanced technology brought in at the same time, we also make efforts to improve the quality of our staff, and hold cadre training regularly every year.
  Chinese Construction Machinery is an important industry which is full of expectation and potential. Zhangjiagang Huatong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. will make further efforts to improve the production technology and the production environment, and pursuit excellent quality. We will try our best to promote the stability and prosperity of Chinese construction machinery market with customers hand in hand, in order to contribute slender force for Chinese economic development.
  The sea takes in all the rivers with its broad then to be vast; Hill goes through all the vicissitudes with its thick then to be forceful. With immense as mountains and broad as sea, honest and pragmatic quality, dedicated and innovative style, the spirit of pursuing excellence and achieving leapfrogging development, the business goal of “enterprise of one hundred, steady development of 20 years”, we run to the inside and outside of Great Wall and the north and south of the Great River, then fight the market and embrace better brilliant tomorrow.
  In recent years, Zhangjiagang Huatong Construction Machinery Co., LTD has always struggled to carve out a new field. We base on the basis of “There’s no successiveness to enter the market”, insist on the developmental strategy of “pluralistic simultaneously, spanning development, the operation of group”, adhere to the word of “prestige as the life, product as the forerunner, quality as the backing, service as guarantee, price as lever and profit” as the focus of the marketing concept. With a strong faith and perseverance we establish the reputation of products and the enterprise image for Huatong. We also build beautiful and charming scenery uniquely in China.
  We are willing to be unsophisticated as hills and minded as seas, not only to make many friends in the world, but also to be willing to work with friends in heart, then run to the brilliant future of Chinese modernization construction side by side!
  ——General manager: HuGuoHua

Address:No. 6 Jiaotong Road, Deji Sub-district, Jingang Town, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, China
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